Will Opt-In Service make me GDPR compliant?

We can make you GDPR compliant by cleansing and qualifying all your contacts. What we cannot help with is how you use your data. If you don't use it correctly, that's not our fault.

How long does your service take?

This is dependent on the amount of contacts you would need qualifying. We would always give you an estimated time for completion and keep you updated on the process as regularly as you require.

Do you qualify all data?

Only data that is based around European contacts. If you have US contacts, they don't fall under the new GDPR guidelines and the laws governing their use have not changed.

Why can't I Opt-In my contacts myself?

Nothing is stopping you from doing this process yourself. If you think you can spare the time to cleanse and qualify all your historical data and then use the data productively and efficiently, go ahead. We just want to save you your precious time.