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Opt-In Service is simple to integrate as we will be your first step in your new sales process. Our educated, non sales resources call your clients and prospects to convert their status to opted-in which, in reality, just means maintaining the status quo. Your Internal Sales Resources (sometimes described as Sales Development Representatives or SDR) are trained in your companies products or services and move the sale forward (down the sales funnel). They are too expensive to waste on the simple task of Opt-In and being diverted will have an effect on your business pipeline growth. By taking this first step for you, we can greatly improve the productivity of your workforce.

Opt-In Service

Demand Generation (Marketing)

Sales Development Representative 

(SDR)/Internal Sales)

Sales/Technical Sales Support

Close the Deal

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Demand generation, typically in the form of direct mail, an e-mail campaign with a call to action using data from your own records or from a Data List Supplier. After May 25th all such contacts must be opted-in before you contact them using our


Demand Generation (Marketing)
Demand Generation (Marketing)

Once your contacts have been opted-In, it's business as usual and they go back into the sales funnel. Your own SDR/Internal Sales will take the opted-in contacts and qualify them and then either pass them on or complete the transaction depending on the value and complextity.

Demand Generation (Marketing)

After the Sales Development Representative (SDR)/Internal Sales process the transaction may be passed onto the next level of Sales or Technical Sales Support or, in some cases, out to a channel partner to fulfil.

Demand Generation (Marketing)

The sales team SDR/Internal/External or Technical Sales then involve Sales Support, Finance and Line Management to produce a proposal or quote leading to closure. The bad news is that 6 months after closure, your client will have to 

Opt-    n again.